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Ralph's Blog

This is apparently my very own website, which my sister is bound to be very unhappy about. I'm told that people have very much enjoyed reading about my life, which is very kind, although still a bit unexpected.

I'm getting an awful lot of attention at the moment, which I'm happy to tolerate as long as my chess game doesn't start to suffer as a result . . . this will mean things have gone too far! I hear lots of you out there can relate to me and my misadventures . . . which is very reassuring!

Recent Blog Entries:

Top Super story recommendation for grandparents!

Well what a lovely article. 'Ralph is (not) a Spy' is recommended as the top super story for grandparents to read with their grandchildren. I am terribly flattered and made it worth meeting the awful Jean-Claude after all! Ralph x

Wonderful visit to Granton Primary

Fabulous to meet all the kids and teachers at Granton Primary today! Some incredible Bob dancing and truth helmet revelations ...particularly those teachers with the false beards! Very convincing. Rx

Bookweek 2016 underway!

Well what a fine bunch you were at the combined junior school (ESMC) last week. Trucilla is apparently still in recovery after that last groom did a runner, it was a bit of a close call that one! Still, there are many more potential husbands at Granton, Victoria, Fox Covert and Sighthill to name but a few over the coming weeks. Fingers crossed Trucilla!! (yeah.......right!) R x

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