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Ralph's Blog

This is apparently my very own website, which my sister is bound to be very unhappy about. I'm told that people have very much enjoyed reading about my life, which is very kind, although still a bit unexpected.

I'm getting an awful lot of attention at the moment, which I'm happy to tolerate as long as my chess game doesn't start to suffer as a result . . . this will mean things have gone too far! I hear lots of you out there can relate to me and my misadventures . . . which is very reassuring!

Recent Blog Entries:

Brilliant day at Maddiston Primary!

Excellent acting and some incredible story ideas from all the wonderful writers at Maddiston Primary today. That includes the teachers!! It was a pleasure to hear all about your fantastic plots and wonderful characters and I look forward to seeing your finished stories very soon. Keep an eye on those Spy Teachers now...I think that last one had so many spy secrets my helmet was short circuiting!!
Ralph x

Corinne assisting in P5 very own class novel...

And that's my P5 novelists off! Some brilliant first ideas about plot today. Can't wait to read your completed work. Was feeling quite emotional listening to Corinne tell you all how she first wrote my story down. Then I bumped into Trucilla at Tescos. All emotion over. Rxx

World Book Day 2017!!

Hooray! BEST DAY EVER!! See you soon Sighthill Primary. This year Corinne tells me there will be chocolate sampling, story bingo and hopefully rapping teachers!! I have been soooo excited I have been dressed as my favourite ME..for the last three days in preparation. Rxxx

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